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Bet the Bill is an easy, 100% fair way to split your restaurant bill.

Splitting restaurant bills is often a hassle, especially if you want to be fair. Either you choose to annoy your server with a line-item split request, you dig for ones and quarters and pennies, or you waste time coordinating payments through Venmo or Snapcash or whatever patchily adopted app is hot at the time.

Now there's a better way to pay: Bet the Bill.

To use Bet The Bill, just type in the cost of each person’s meal and then tap ‘Bet the Bill!’ The app will randomly choose someone to pay the entire bill so you can all get on with your lives, hassle-free.

Your odds of paying scale with your meal's cost, so whether you got the Caesar salad for six dollars or the sirloin steak for seventeen, Bet the Bill is 100% fair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly do you mean by fair?

On average, you'll pay the cost of your meal. For example, if your meal cost $20 out of your party's $100 bill, then when you Bet the Bill you'll pay for everything 20% of the time on average (and 20% * $100 = $20).

Will my luck balance out in the long run?

No. The more often you bet, the more you stand to lose.

Can I trust Bet the Bill?

Yes. Bet the Bill an open-source application that runs locally on your device. View the source code yourself on GitHub and you'll see that fairness is guaranteed within the limits of IEEE 754 floating point precision and whatever psuedo-random number generator is behind JavaScript's math.random() method on your device.

How should we handle tax and tip?

You don't even need to! As long as you agree that people should pay tax and tip proportional to the cost of their meal, then computing tax and tip is unnecessary, because it won't change each person's odds of paying.

Can I use this for debts besides restaurant bills?


Is there an app version of Bet the Bill?

App versions are in the works, but in the meantime, you can always create a shortcut. (The app versions are basically 99% done, but I can't figure out why the wheel won't animate on some devices. Stay tuned.)


Paradigm-shifting. Path-breaking. Edge-cutting. Bet the Bill forever changes what it means to be human.

-Ted Schmanders

This app is amazing. It's definitely going viral.

-Cameron S., upon winning a free dinner

It's not the worst app I've ever used.

-Niru Maheswaranathan

What is this?

-Tony Y. Li

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About the author

Bet The Bill was designed by Ted in California.